Upgrading to v5.3 but a bit confused because of the premium folder in my server

Darien Brown Posted in Technical Support 1 month ago

I have the premium version so I’m trying to figure what folder to install the update in because since I upgraded to premium there is a folder marked premium amongst the regular folders in my server and it contains all the same folders that’s outside the premium folder ie components is located in both places. Also where do I place the license that comes with the 5.3 update folder

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

Not sure why it is slow , did you enabled cache in administrator panel? further make sure you uploaded to recent build-1597610709 of premium version.

In case you are not using latest build simply copy and replace files.

jm Darien Brown Replied 1 month ago

OK got it to work but its moving very slow especially messages

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

In premium folder copy the contents and move them to your current installation. Yes it will replace your old files. But the recommended approach is

  1. Take backup first including data folder and database.
  2. Delete all your files except configuration directory.
  3. Copy contents from premium folder and replace your old contents or move it to the place where you deleted the old files.
jm Darien Brown Replied 1 month ago

![enter image description here][1]![take a look notice how you see the same folders that's suppose to be in side the premium folder ][2]
When I upgraded this was how it was set up but I notice its the folder outside of the premium folder that has the config data so should I just update the premium folder that's what I'm planing to do because it was arslan that set it up. So you see how the upgrade info doesn't apply to me

enter image description here

German Bob Weston Replied 1 month ago

The instructions are pretty straight forward:
The folder you are referring to should not be uploaded, you should have extracted the files to your computer.
Then deleted all ossn files and folders on your site except configurations and your Ossn data directory,
Then you should have uploaded the contents of the premium folder, not the folder itself.