Chat and ads not visible on member pages

John Miller Posted in Technical Support 3 months ago

Good Morning.
I am testing the ossn platform using the latest version from the one click installer included with my host.
I can see in the installed components list that chat and ads are included but they do not appear to be accessible or visible from member pages.
What am I missing?
Is it maybe a theme issue??
Thanks in advance,,,

us John Miller Replied 3 months ago

Thanks a lot, it works like a charm on chrome and foxfire (android)

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

GreenByGreen 1.27 supporting OssnChat on mobile devices is a available now.

us John Miller Replied 3 months ago

Thanks. Yes, the ads are working, I am using the ad insert component.
The rss is working and
I am waiting for Google to approve my adsense account.
I have switched to the green by green and looking forward to your update.
Any idea on the ETA for that??
Also, how well do the mobile apps work??

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

Thanks for your feedback.
I just visited your member page using firefox on Windows 10 and found your ad is displayed correctly in the right column - that is: I'm not able to reproduce your reported issue. The chat friends column is of course missing because it's visible for logged in members only.

And even only then if your screen width is > 1359 pixel.

Maybe that's what you're talking about: No right chat column on smaller devices?
In fact the themes are initially designed that way because there's simply not enough space on smartphone screens.

Regarding ads: You may use my AdsInserter component to get ads on smartphones, too.

Regarding chat: Up to now there's no theme supporting chats on small devices - you have to use 'messages' instead.
The upcoming release 1.27 of my GreenByGreen theme will come with a first experimental approach having chats on small screens, too.

enter image description here

us John Miller Replied 3 months ago

The softaculous installer was having problems with more than this script.
I deleted the site and uploaded new files from zip.
The ads are working now, but still no chat, though it is enabled in components.
The site is
I am accessing via Chrome., Samsung internet and Firefox on Android.
Maybe a template compatibility issue??

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

So ... our next task would be to guess which version of Ossn that 'Softaculous' has installed?

Why are you making things that complicated and don't provide at least a minimum of details as documented in

us John Miller Replied 3 months ago

My apologies, I should have included that information.
My host uses the softaculous installer.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 months ago

Okay John,
we'll do our best to solve your issue.
But please understand it'll take some time to locate the one click installer included with your host.