Marketing Mailer Component

Jeremy Monroe Posted in Component Development 1 month ago

Is there anyone working on a component that would allow us to email our members who havent't been on in while or manage those signups with a reminder message to login sometime? An admin email marketing component would be awesome. I have almost 1400 members on my site but do have a handful of those who I'd like to see login more often. Thanks

us Jeremy Monroe Replied 1 month ago

True that's an option but a way to measure rwsults using a component is so much better...especially so you don't send emails to those who choose to unsubscribe

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 1 month ago

Why not just use the user export function, that converts the users on the site to CSV data, and then use a regular mass mailer? (Just tossing out a suggestion.)

us Jeremy Monroe Replied 1 month ago

That would be fine. I already have another site and use a mass mailer component with html format and unsubscribe button running through my SMTP server so I don't have issues getting blacklisted. Its for reminders, welcome messages and featured news updates.

us Steve Blu Replied 1 month ago

I would like this type of component as well. I'm looking to build a 100,000 member site, so let's start to talk about big-board functions.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

The problem arises when you sent too many emails, your server or hosting provider may block your email facility, suppose sending email to 500 people from your standard email agent, unless used some SMTP provider.