Having a problem with topbar scaling

Philip Lozier Posted in Beginning Developers 1 year ago

My apologies, I've seen a few discussions on this, but with not many good results. The wiki is almost impossible to navigate, so I'll just ask, and explain in a bit of detail.

I had succeeded in locking the topbar and left sidebar in place for scrolling purposes and then had problems with the topbar display expanding beyond the end of the screen, taking the right side icons with it. Went through a few of the articles, didn't see a solve. Went about hit and miss tinkering and solved it, felt happy, and moved on to other heavy modifications on the theme.

A few days later, after playing with it on a few mobile devices, I decided the sidebar would look great by expanding it from 200px to 300px and it does. 3 different mobile devices and the look is a vast improvement. Problem? Topbar, again. Now, though, 7 hours of tinkering, looking at the few other themes available, pulling my hair out, and making my wife crazy... I've decided to ask my first question at risk of getting the newbie bashing. <ducks and runs>. Haven't done any site development in many years, and there is a slight learning curve, but I've been tackling about 70% or so of what I'm trying to do... but... here I am.

Be kind to me.



German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

I've always found it difficult to draw the line between "a little customizing" and "real" development.
Kevin came up with the idea of ​​improving the chat - you came up with the idea of ​​improving the header. Okay.

The big and only difference is that Kevin made his code and page accessible from the start, while you weren't giving us any useful information to look at.

So, I'd recommend to have a look into

and provide the necessary details instead of frustrated JEEZES.

gb Kevin B Replied 1 year ago

Not sure whether this is of any use, but I found using percentages is much safer when dealing with scaling.

Use em and vh instead of pixels, then you'll need to do less breakpoints in css as the display scale changes.

us Philip Lozier Replied 1 year ago

Just to update... having to move on with other items higher on the priority list, put this little annoyance to the back burner. Gaven it some effort, and everything works fine with the sidebar at 200px, but 300px seems to be a no go for now with the topbar behaving. Shame. Made for a much better mobile display, by a long shot. Other annoyances have popped up, solved them, now dealing with next one evading me. Simply added a custom user field with the plugi, nothing else, then after logout the "background.jpg" stopped showing up on the landing page. Still shows on the login page, but first landing page... NOPE! let me try and figure THIS out. :(

Whatever happened to getting software to RUN it... a little customizing is one thing, but to be expected to be a developer to reasonably just RUN it... JEEZE!

us Philip Lozier Replied 1 year ago

Okay... so I play with the value here, and switch from "inline -block" to "inline" and toy with settings, or something in that neighborhood??? I'll check into it after the weekend. I have something working with the side panel at 200px that is livable for the moment, and need to transfer content from the development server to the main server for a soft launch on Monday... after that is up and running I will go back to the development server and start from there.

Thank you for the response, and I WILL get back here to respond, whatever the results are, instead of leaving the topic open.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Hmm ... maybe there's something wrong starting at line #564 ... ?