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Biplab Karki Posted in Component Development 3 months ago

I am looking for someone to build me a reply component. Let's discuss, please. If anyone has or wishes to do, please mail me at [email protected]

us W Highsmith Replied 1 month ago

Thanks Zman. Wow, nothing I wrote here warrants that kind of negativity.
I just wanted some nested comments and he starts telling me "no I don't" when actually "yes I do" and it keeps getting worse from there.

I wasn't looking down my nose or pretending to be a big shot. I said I could "hack it" not develop a beautiful enterprise solution over night.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

you asked if this forum has a blocking feature? Yes it does, and you will find that it works reliably if you continue to mob people here in such a nasty way.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 2 months ago

@W Highsmith
Why? That's immature and comes across as bragging and the proverbial "name dropping" bs that everyone hates. Besides, that's what the "About Me" is for in the profile section. (Maybe you should look, before assuming.)

And, maybe you should state these things, rather than acting like you're at a garage sale looking over dirty, old things, while looking down your nose at others. I mean, not trying to tell you how to live your life, just that well, even bees know that you get a better response from honey than from sh*t.

But what would save all of us a lot of time? You checking your ego at the door, and not acting like your "big fish in a small pond" means something outside of said minuscule pond. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if this site has a block feature. Ta ta!

us W Highsmith Replied 2 months ago

I never said I wanted anything for free, but OK. I know the value of dev work and the maint required to keep it up. And I have funding for my projects, but hey I love a good rant so, well done. Maybe you should just post your resume next time instead of writing so many paragraphs full of assumptions. Would save us all a lot of time.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 2 months ago

@W Highsmith... Here, let me further explain what I mean.
I didn't write a multi layered comment thread component, because it would mean that I would have to add an additional table to the database to track what goes where. I would have to add in a bunch of java, to hide and to show comment threads on demand. I would have to rewrite, and continue to rewrite, the comments component every time an update/upgrade comes out, because it's an integral part of the ossn system.
And, if I did make said component... it definitely would NOT be free. In fact, keeping up with the updates alone, would be a full time job. But, I am sure that being a database programmer that you should have no problems doing all of the above with little to no help required, right?

And to clarify, the component that I made for my site allows a person to reply and send a notification to the original comment owner, so that they can converse easily and freely in the comments section, complete with highlighting and being able to find the person's comment.
And, yes. Reddit made it work for them. Reddit also uses a completely different structure for it's posts. And I applaud them for their success and refuse to use their service. I go through hell playing "Find the notification" multiple times a day already on FB. .. which is the same (rough) structure as OSSN. But, to each their own, right?

If Softlab24 adds in the the multi layered comments to their component, and does the upkeep for that part... then I would make the reply component work with that and place replies into the appropriate sub threads.

But, the fundamental mistake that you have made here... is the assumption that you will ever see the code that is in my reply component; as I highly doubt that will ever occur.


us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 2 months ago

Hey, W Highsmith.

I spoke from having looked at that idea. Here's what I suggest:
Rewrite the OSSNComments component. Because, that's what you're going to have to do. And, add in a table, so that you can keep track of which comment is childed to the comments, and the order in which it should be shown. Then, you change the entire layout of the comments, to handle your modifications; add in the java to hide and show each comment thread, etc.

All in all, I'm going to wish you a ton of luck with that. And, I say that... without feeling the need to drop down my resume. :'D


us W Highsmith Replied 2 months ago

Hi Michieal - actually I do want more levels, but if you have a 2 level solution, that is perfect for now. 1 level is just too primitive. 2 is good enough.

More levels... yes, FB tried and failed, but reddit tried and succeeded. There is often great content 3 or 4 levels deep there. I agree it can get confusing, especially when you have lots of notifications.

I'm a 30 year database developer, I can hack out a new module when the time comes, but I always prefer to use something that is already made than start from scratch. So I'm curious what you have.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 3 months ago

Email Sent.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 3 months ago

@William - you don't want it 3 or 4 layers deep. FB tried that, and it's confusing as heck to find where the notification is hidden.
dual layered comments are cool, as it allows for a comment thread. multilayered is not, because the person is playing "Try to find the comment" in a massive ball of chaos.

So, no - I will not be the guy making the multilayered reply comments component. But, others might. Make a new topic asking for it. Someone might jump on it... or, contract it out. I hear that will charge ~2500-5000 usd per component.

Good Luck!!!

us W Highsmith Replied 3 months ago

I'm looking to add nested comments on the wall. so you can reply to comments at least 3 or 4 levels deep. if anyone has solved this please contact me [email protected] THX