3NCIRCLE theme for OSSN 5.0

Allon Prooit Posted in Theme Development 10 months ago

Needing some help. Took the goBlack theme by Arsalan Shah and made it into the 3NCIRCLE theme for OSSN 5.0. It works for OSSN 5.6 but there are a few bugs here and there. Can anyone update it to match the goBlue theme's present coding standards? Once we have the code straight I will make it into a published theme. For now, you can find it in the Github repository found HERE. As you can see from the pictures, the profile page is missing its menu. Any thoughts?



enter image description here

us Allon Prooit Replied 10 months ago

@Michieal, Many thanks for your interest and admiration. What you see above is the result of the 5.0 theme being used for 5.6. The Styler component would have to be adjusted for the colors used in the theme outside of the theme. As for why? I started out using OSSN when goBlack still worked for the version I was using and I just made my mods to it and got it to work with 5.0 just fine after a while. It is paired down compared to the other themes and I think it a very good suggestion to take goBlue and recolor it to replace goBlack entirely. Will be working on it!

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 10 months ago

I love your color scheme. I am curious, though, why didn't you start with the GoBlue as a basis, and then either modify it, or the styler component? I mean, the GoBlack theme was marked broken for the newer versions...

thinking about it, though... there might be a really easy fix here, that others have overlooked. copy the the "default.php" from the css, for both the main sys and the admin sections. Do a compare with the ones in goblue, so that you know what will be missing, and drop them into GoBlue. Add back in the missing items, so that the theme works with 5.6. Then just finish up the theme coloring touches, and do some renaming so that the themes can coexist. (Including, placing it in its own dir. and changing any named subdirs too.)

I mean, the Awesome theme is an upgrade of GoBlue, and if it wasn't a paid theme, I would say to use that as your base.
But, that will fix the fundamental issue with the theme not working with the system, with a minimal loss of work.

us Allon Prooit Replied 10 months ago

@~Z~ Man ... Yeah, i didn't think to do so because it worked fine for me. It's not supposed to be anything other than a heavy change to goBlack but it's still goBlack. You can upload the zip but it's going to be the goBlack theme in your directory, or at least it should.. I will think to make the changes soon enough to make it a full fledged theme unto itself. For now, you would need to delete the earlier version of goBlack for this to work.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 10 months ago

obviously you didn't read

Using a theme directory which differs from the given theme ID and - even worse - is already in use by another theme !!! is an absolute no-go.

us Allon Prooit Replied 10 months ago

@Rafail ... There is a coding error in ossntheme.php on line 73. Missing an }. After I correct this it throws an error in topbar.php on line 55. Not sure what the problem is there. Will use WinMerge to see if I can get it to work.
@Arsalan ... I will definitely follow his advice and only submit the theme when it works for 5.6. I will let all of you know what the differences are.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

@Allon please follow the Rafail advice before uploading to community and tell us the differences that you found using tool

gr Rafail Stratiotis Replied 10 months ago

Hello my Friend !

I would advise you to try using the WinMerge
is a tool that detects differences in the code.
I tried to fix your Theme but I'm sure I may not have done it completely correctly
because you know better how you want to respond to the Theme you have modified...
I also sent you an email with the Theme

I hope I helped