Open Source Social Network 6.0 LTS has been released

Arsalan Shah Posted in General Discussion 8 months ago


  • [B] Make pagination work on photo album overview page #1838 #1840
  • [B] input/radio didn't accept 0 as value #1848
  • [B] input/checkbox not getting any label #1849
  • [E] prevent script error if hook doesn't exist
  • [E] Move to JQuery 3.x #1874
  • [E] Move to JQuery UI latest version #1873
  • [E] Move to latest boostrap #1872
  • [E] There should be callback to delete entity likes, comments by default #1877
  • [E] Like Comment on object #1868
  • [E] Separate frontend/backend JS #1867
  • [B] changed encoding to utf-8 #1880
  • [B] changed encoding to utf-8 #1879
  • [B] changed encoding to utf-8 #1878
  • [B] preserve exact <br>\n sequence after editing #1860
  • [B] preserve exact <br>\n sequence after editing #1859
  • [E] ossn.en.php Improve and correct grammar mistakes #1862
  • [B] New Message missing message id in div ... id='message-item-'
  • [E] OssnPhotos -> Fancybox issue and feature request #1858
  • [B] img js ossn_cache cause duplicate requests #1886
  • [E] don't show empty value genders in graphs #1887
  • [B] Wall site crash when mentioning members under certain conditions. #1865
  • [E] Check user existence before sending message #1883
  • [E] Made it compitable with php 8
  • [E] Make user external CSS/JS loaded once if load func used twice #1890
  • [E] Avoid ossncache to append on already ossncache imgs #1891
  • [B] CSSMin didn't minify data:image type svg #1889
  • [E] Remove unused CSS minify code from older OSSN #1892
  • [E] Return xhr object on post and ajaxrequest #1909
  • [B] Group header menu shows multiple more #1888
  • [E] prevent creating groups with undefined membership #1916
  • [E] replaced getObjectsByTypes() by searchObject()
  • [E] removal of obsolete getObjectsByTypes() #1926
  • [E] removal of unused getGroups() #1925
  • [E] removed dominant comment-box padding #1944
  • [B] OssnPagination::constructUrlArgs() not taking non alphanumeric chars #1974
  • [E] Check the OssnEmbed for videos links issues #1957
  • [E] Add hook for wall, getAllPosts
  • [E] Fixed: jfif photo uploads don't work #1984
  • [B] PHP rename function doesn't copy folders recursively across separated… #1987
  • [B] aasure instance of logged-in user before using its guid #1988
  • [B] Non friend may able to add like & comment to friend photo only [] #1979
  • [E] Disallow to upload empty files and improve files function #1976
  • [E] Check if profile and cover posted on newsfeed as public #1991
  • [E] show deactivated privacy label on group wall with opacity 0.5 #1993
  • [B] Unset properties on Group update #1994
  • [E] Allow to use metatags in head #1996
  • [B] Close group post is accessible when not loggedin #1997
  • [E] removal of unused function #2003
  • [B] Notification type like:post:group:wall participants supress #2002
  • [E] Removal of duplicate dLabel ids #2001
  • [E] Fontawesome 5 migration #2000
  • [E] exifreaddata only for jpeg #1999
  • [E] Load ossn notifications only when loggedin #1998
  • [E] Improve the comment add #1990
  • [E] Inefficient table design and query #1864
  • [E] Blocked user showing in search and people can add friends #2008
  • [E] Strip comments for blocked users, for each of them #2009


If you are using a theme like GreenByGreen theme please wait for upgrade as the themes requires to change because of new libraries like Bootstrap 5 and jQuery 3 Please wait for developers to update new version.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 7 months ago

It will work fine on 7.4.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 7 months ago

@Arsalan: One question, Does this work with 7.4? or is it 8.0 specific?

Breton Elias Hilario dos Santos Replied 8 months ago

Arsalan as I update my version to 6.0 I already downloaded!

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 8 months ago

We are always grateful to Z-Man. He is awesome with helping others. A formal "THANK YOU Z-MAN" for all your effort on the OSSN 6.0.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

@ Balamurali Thanks to Zetman he fixed 90% of the stuff in 6.0 :)

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 8 months ago

Superb Arsalan. That is a GREAT WORK by you and your team. Looking forward to using the latest and greatest.

Thanks a lot.

us W Highsmith Replied 8 months ago

Oh great - I have tested 2 different pre release builds since you shared the giphy integration.

I tested with your go blue theme changes merged into a black / white theme that I am using. I did get giphy working last week. hurrah! A few style changes are needed, but not many.

Will test 6.0 tonight.

eg Eyad Tamer Replied 8 months ago

Finally!! It's here and I am happy! I just have a problem with the Flexi Theme where It doesn't work completely... There is no theme to work with it, only the GoBlue Theme (New 6.0 Version, I haven't tested the old one)

us Joey Champion Replied 8 months ago

Awesome, thank you Arsalan and team.