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Fernando Pastor Posted in General Discussion 2 weeks ago

Hello group, I was trying to make the network invitation only, there is a component RSVP by Rally Homelancer, however it makes background dissapear, I was thinking in maybe dissabling the div with the registration options, I am using Homelancer custom css js but I don't know exactly how to do it... I put for example the top bar red, only to test and it worked
.topbar {
background: red;
color: #fff;
z-index: 1;
position: relative;
height: 48px;
but when I try dissabling the register panel it doesn't.
.ossn-widget .widget-heading { display: none;
So I don't know what to do, maybe to fix the RSVP component?

Breton Rafael Amorim Replied 1 week ago


I solved a similar problem with an updated version of accesscode and inviteonly components. I made these modifications and don't know if I can put the code here or in github. But, this is the idea.

In the invite component, I put in the link the access code. I encoded with base64 to not show in URL the code. In accesscode component, I put a code to process the base64 modification and access code value in the input And change this input text to hidden.

Also, I put login as default form on the initial page of whitetheme and another form to request an admin invitation. The logic is: if the user accesses the site from the link received on e-mail, the site will open with register form[1]. Otherwise, the first choice is a regular login form [2] or request invitation form [3].





Spanish Fernando Pastor Replied 2 weeks ago

Hello Arsalan Shah. I tried it, the register page dissapears, but invites don't work, i mean, you invite and then if you follow the link you still cannot enter (and if no message is added then the link is not clickable in the message). I am using OSSN 6.1 Thank you