Integrating About User and Bio into one Component

Ranjan Rai Posted in Component Development 2 years ago

Wile browsing the repository I found two different plugins:
1. About user:
2. Bio:
Serving same purpose in two different ways one display information without login whereas other displays information only one is login provided if the user is willing to share those details under profile setting.
So I was thinking why not to merge these two plugin into one having the functionality of both the plugin under one.

us Bansh33 - Replied 2 years ago

I do custom (paid) development of components and other ossn stuff and I made a component a long time ago which is similar to what you are asking for. It displays all the user information that is asked for during registration and also displays the user bio on the same page. Users can then edit all that information including the bio from the Edit Profile screen. You can email me (info in my profile) if you're interested in that component.