Open Source Social Network v5.6 LTS is available for download

Arsalan Shah Posted in General Discussion 8 months ago


  • [B] prevent creating of new records if setting value is 0 #1815
  • [E] Integrate BanUser inside wall loading #1817
  • [B] OssnChat offset didn't work #1832
  • [E] Callback for cache create #1834
  • [E] allow a message instance in 'messages', 'message:smilify' hook #1829
  • [B] Wrong Notifications because of 'notification:participants' #1822
  • [B] delete annotation should have default parameter id 0 #1819
  • [E] placeholder for input/dropdown #1813
  • [B] issue with account setting profile tabs #1812
  • [E] phpmailer updated to 6.x
  • [B] Get correct fileguid instead of metadata id #1835
  • [E] New lines didn't appears on post/view/.. #1821 (fixed v5.5)
  • [E] Stop user sending message to himself #1836
  • [E] we should get rid of hardcoded styles #1816
German ~Z~ Man Replied 6 months ago

it's up to you to update if a new release includes enhancements (items marked with [E]), only.
But I'd strongly recommend to do so if it comes with bugfixes (items marked with [B]).
(see table at the top)

us Keith Miller Replied 6 months ago

Would you advise updating from 5.5 to 5.6 or wait till the next major release
Is there a script that will perform the update if so


Turkish Enes Çetinkaya Replied 8 months ago

Hi dear; how to update system ?

German Andre kutzner Replied 8 months ago

I have to say very good work what the ossn team has done I use the premium and it runs great with the new themes wow so great praise to ossn.
enter image description here

German Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

@Bob, contact softlab24, you'll get answer there. Usually it takes sometime for them to rollout the new version after some tests.

German Bob Weston Replied 8 months ago

Why is this not on Softlabs yet?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 8 months ago

If your local folder looks like

  • file-A

and your server folder looks like

  • file-A
  • file-C

copying folder-A will overwrite file-A, but not file-C. That's the point.

us Tim Dishong Replied 8 months ago

when uploading the new files do you over write the config folder, because whats the point of leaving it and getting rid of all others, if your going to overwrite it anyways?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago


OssnServices is not part of core yet.