Adding Gifs (something like tenor, etc)

Tom Whiting Posted in Beginning Developers 5 days ago

So, I'm in the process of starting out a community , and would love to be able to add tenor, giphy, or something like this to the post/comment textareas. Unfortunately, while I'm rather versed with PHP, OSSN is a completely differet thing. If someone would be so kind as to point me to the general direction of where I need to get this started, I'd be appreciative

I did take a look at the 'welcome world' component (the one supposed to be an example), and it's rather vague unfortunately, not a ton of help there

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 days ago

Would be interested in seeing the feature implemented for messages and comments, even as a paid component. I'm willing to pay to have it done, but if I have to pay for the actual development then I expect to own the component and source code, or if I contract it out to somebody oputside of the OSSN Ncircle, WILL own it.... I would pay a reasonable fee for a public paid release, though.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 days ago

'having a look' is one thing - implementing the other.
Check out
to get an idea. Kevin's component is making use of the Giphy API already.

us Tom Whiting Replied 5 days ago

Philip is correct here. Anyone can upload anything if it's a 'photo'. That's not really user friendly, at all.

Take a look at how the 'big guys' do it. It's right there, embedded in the post, or reply text field

us Philip Lozier Replied 5 days ago

@Arsalan Ahah ... when I say "user friendly", I mean, and I think Tom means, where users can be presented with choices of gif's to share. On the user end it is rather cumbersome to download gifs jsut to upload to a site. last i looked, it is a rather common and popular thing to post gif 'comments" on posts, and such, and I don;t see a single user going out of their way to find one, go through the process of downloading it, going back to the comment and posting it. Users just don't do that kind of stuff in today's internet world. Maybe it would make a good component? I would HAPPILY pay for it... very quickly... if it existed.

us Philip Lozier Replied 5 days ago

@Arsalan Shah... unless I missed something with animated-gif-support when I tried it, seems the user needs to supply their own gif. My understanding from what Tom asked is that he was looking for something "user friendly".